Vouchers offer a way for you to provide a free, bundled domain name with your paid subscription plans.

Hover provides Vouchers to you in the form of hyperlinks, which you then provide to your paying customers. Customers can redeem a Voucher for a free, one-year domain registration or a discount off selected top level domains. Using Vouchers, you can offer domain registration to their customers without the need for an integration with a wholesale domain provider.

Vouchers are a great way to add additional value to your monthly and yearly subscription plans. Voucher pricing, free and discounted domain extensions will be determined between Hover and the partner.

The Voucher codes are delivered to either you in bulk via a .csv file or via the Vouchers API (preferred). Hover provides you with Voucher usage information such as views, domain name purchased, and domain creation date by way of API or through an emailed monthly report.

The parameters noted above in the Optional Features section (success, param, etc.) can be optionally added to the voucher URL. Note that the partnerID is not required as the voucher itself contains the partnerID.

Partner Program Terms

You can freely participate in the Hover Partner Program for any length of time and can choose to opt-out of any or all parts of the program.