Hover vouchers allow Partners to allow their customers to obtain a domain at no cost for the first year, subject to some terms. Hover provides an API so that Partners can generate vouchers on demand and manage their lifecycle.

It is a REST-based interface, and supports four commands. Using the API requires an Application ID and Secret, provided by Hover to you. There is both a Live and Sandbox environment and the API credentials and Voucher configurations are unique to each environment.

The Sandbox environment is connected to Sandbox environments for domain registration and payments so you can test your integration without registering real domains or incurring costs.


The API Explorer in these docs uses the Sandbox environment.

Testing Payment Information

Note that if you wish to complete purchases on the Sandbox environment, you can use credit card 4111 1111 1111 1111 CVV 123 and any expiry date in the future. Domains registered in the Sandbox are registered on the various domain registries' test systems and function like "real" domain names except they do not resolve.