The Hover Connect Partner Platform aims to provide a way for website builders, hosting providers and other services with a domain name component, to encourage customers to take the next step and register or use a custom domain name.

Hover Connect Partner Platform make it easier to register, and connect domain names to a web presence with an eye towards making the experience easier for customers and less burdensome on the partner's support team.

About Hover

Hover is a division of Tucows, established in 1994 and the third largest ICANN-accredited domain registrar in the world.

Hover’s mission is to create simple, understandable tools that help people find the best domain names and email addresses. We build easy to use interfaces with limited marketing and no constant upsells.

At Hover, we know a domain represents an idea and every idea comes with different needs.

That’s where you come in.

Hover does not offer website building products or web hosting services. We feel that the best tools for that job already exist in companies like yours. We want to make it easy for our customers to discover and use those tools, and make it easy for your customers to find their ideal domain name for their websites.

When you do what you do best and we do what we do best, our customers win.

Hover offers everything your customer is looking for in a domain provider.

Powerful Domain Search

Our search tool delivers the best available domain options across over 400 top-level domains (TLDs), including generic and country-code domain extensions, premium domains and the new generic TLDs released over the last few years - many of which would be especially appealing to your customer base.

WHOIS Privacy Included for Free

Hover doesn’t believe in heavy-handed up-selling or charging for tools that should just be included with domain names. That’s why things like WHOIS Privacy are included with every domain.

Custom Email Addresses

Domain owners may need custom email addresses to go along with their websites, but many providers do not want to offer and support email services. Hover offers simple and affordable email solutions to customers looking for a domain based email address.

Exceptional Customer Support

Hover’s expert customer support team is available to help customers connect their domain names to your service by phone, email, live-chat or social media. We have a no-wait, no-hold, no-transfer phone policy, and no automated systems, which helps us consistently maintain a NPS score of 65 or above.